We are taking this trip on June 21 departure. Anyone investigated the best way to call from Ireland to US? Are there prepaid access cards similar to Italy? Or, are there reasonable ways to use cell phones?


  • You have several options:

    1. if you have a phone that has dual capabilities (iPhone) and you have a company that covers Ireland (Verizon) you can just call them and tell them you are going to Europe and they will tell you how to activate the phone for Europe (GSM). You can also, with Verizon anyway, purchase a program that reduces your out of area calling costs for about $5.00 a month. It works for receiving and sending calls and for texting.

    2. buy a GSM card for your phone that is prepaid and use it.

    3. buy a cheap "throw away" phone with a prepaid GSM card and pay as you go.

    I've done all three and find #1 to be best for me. I have an iPhone and Verizon as my provider. I pay the $5.00 per month and just use my phone like I would at home. You do have to enter country pre-area codes (Ireland is +353, I think). Hope this helps.

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