day trips from Paris

We plan to spend three days prior to our Tauck river cruise in Paris and would like to make plans for day trips out of Paris. Chartres is of particular interest. Any suggestions on how to best accomplish this - or other places that are accessible by public transportation for a day trip?


  • We are also going to Paris in May and will use Viator for some day trips. We used them in Amsterdam with good success and the cost was right. Just google them and check them out.
  • Viator is excellent. I've used them in Seattle, Quebec, Rome, Florence.
  • We have also used Viator while in the Paris area for day trips and local outings. They have been wonderful.
    If you have not been to Normandy, I would recommend a day trip to that area. It is a very moving and worthwhile experience.
  • I just spent 3 days in Paris before taking the train to Amsterdam to embark on my "Tulip Time" cruise. I'm always looking for something new to do in the area, and this time I took the public train to Provins, a small, medieval city about an hour from Paris.

    Provins is a UNESCO World Heritage town (I had never heard of it) and it's walkable and photogenic, with impressive medieval walls and ramparts. You can spend the day there if you wish, since they have activities for the tourists. I chose to spend only half a day.

    You can take the train at the Gare de l'Est, and the fare is included in your Paris Visite card if you include all the zones. The Paris Visite card will entitle you to a discount on the visit to Provins and other places.

    I thought that it was a worthwhile side trip and took some nice photos there. The Provins web site is:

    One tip: Transportation from and to the train station is not well highlighted, so make sure that you get CLEAR instructions for getting a cab or a bus, specially going back to the train station. Another alternative is to book an excursion with Viator or some other operator to take you by the hand.

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