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  • We are booked on the July 17th Alpine adventure, arriving 1 day early. Could you provide "things to do" in Lucern prior to the start of our tour?
  • Did you enjoy your tour? We're considering going next summer, but haven't heard any feedback from others that took the trip this summer. Would love to hear about your experiences! Thanks!
  • Hi Doreen,
    We loved this trip. It was everything advertised brochure; the sights and activities were even better than expected. It was a very active trip with early starts, but was well worth it. This was our 7th Bridges trip and was once of the best. I would absolutely recommend this trip. The one recommendation I would make is bring warm clothes-we rarely wore shorts and did not have enough sweathirts. Layers with windbreaker, fleece, sweatshirt (with hood) and a travel umbrella are essentials.
  • Hi Jeff!
    Thanks so much for your feedback! Truly appreciate comments about cloth. We would not have brought enough warm clothe! We took our first Tauck Bridges tour in late June -- Italia Bella. We enjoyed it so much that we decided to go on another next year. We love the active trips so we're ready to book the Alpine Adventure. Thanks again!
  • You're welcome! We did the Italy trip last year-that one was great for the cities/history-and we loved that one as well; personally, I'm more of a nature buff, so I enjoyed the Alpine trip even more. If you like adventure, you might also look at the Costa Rica trip-we also loved that one, but I would still choose the Alpine if your are going in the summer.
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