Security at Jewish Sites

Jewish Heritage : I will be arriving Tuesday , June 10th --Pre-day, from Miami.
In light of the 5-25-2014 killings at the Brussels, Belgium, Jewish Museum,
can you provide any DETAILS of stepped up security on our bus or at Jewish sites?
Thanks , Louise


  • Hello enthusiastic,

    We are delighted that you will be joining us in Brussels in June. We are well aware of the tragic situation that happened at the Jewish Museum. Please be assure the at the safety and security of our guests and staff are our highest priority. Currently, the US government has not issued a travel warning or alert for Brussels and from all accounts there is definitely an increase in security around Brussels. That being said, when traveling overseas, we ask all guest to remember to take the same precautions as if you were at home.

    I am including links to the US Embassy in Brussels and the website to the US State Department, for you to look over:

    Please let me know if you have any additional questions or concerns.

    Hope this helps,
  • Emily,
    I began my post with "Jewish Heritage " which as far as I know does NOT go to Belgium. Therefore, the Belgian links are irrelevant.
    I understand State Dept warnings , & my concern pertains to the security at the sites on the JEWISH HERITAGE tour beginning in Warsaw in June.
    Here some of the synagogues & Jewish community centers ADD additional security once there's this type of tragedy .I was asking about
    "stepped up security" & welcome any information you can glean on this matter. Hope to get more info from you.
  • Hello Louise

    My apologies for misinterpreting your post. In regards to the Jewish Heritage tour departing June 10th. At Jewish Heritage sites (and other religious and cultural sites in Europe) generally security is more prevalent. We have a dedicated team that carefully monitors these situations and we rely on our experienced onsite staff members and suppliers to provide us with the status of the areas our tours visit.

    Tauck is not providing extra security on the coaches on these departures. It is advisable while visiting to take general precautions that one would normally take while traveling.

    Please let me know if you'd like to speak to someone in the office about your travel concerns.


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