Australia/New Zealand small ship and land

We are thinking about going on the small ship land tour Australia and New Zealand. I don't do large cruise ships on the ocean because I have motion sickness. Can anyone tell me about this small ship and if the waters are rough.
Thank you
Lois Bidner
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    Hi Lois,

    Hand on heart, I must tell you that all oceans surrounding Australia have bad reputations. It's in the nature of the geography and prevailing weather patterns. You might be lucky, but maybe not. Having said that, there really is an easy solution. I speak from recent experience. You can get, what I will generically call, anti-sea-sickness patches. They are available, probably on prescription, in the US. They work. Trust me, they do. And I am so glad that they do. We can't buy them in Australia, but the ship's doctor (not on a Le Ponant ship) gave them to me after he gave me the jab. I didn't even make it out of Otago Harbour before the swell go me. I would think your ship's doctor would also have them, but it's easier to go prepared.

    It really is a great trip. And your ship, while classed as small, isn't really that … small. It will have all the modern stabilising gizmos. It would be a shame to miss out, all for something that really is so easily managed. I suffer from motion sickness too … don't have to be anywhere near water when/if it strikes, so I understand your concerns. I didn't have any ill effects … motion sickness on dry land, I mean … when I returned from my recent Macquarie Island trip, either. It is certainly worth discussing this with your own doctor.


  • Lois,

    Sure hope your doc (Sandy must know someone!) can do something. It would really be great traveling with you guys!

  • Are you headed this way, Jerry?


  • Jan,

    It won't be for a few years . . . we're planning "Cruising Down Under" for January of '17. Hopefully all will go well with the inaugural cruises coming up and it will be added to Tauck's permanent tours. It's number one on my bucket list.


  • Righto! Marking a spot for 2 on my '17 dance card. BYO walking frame.
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