Lots of questions

I'm going on the Cowboy Country Tour with my daughters, ages 13 and 10 and I know they are curious about the other children going and their ages. We know of a few.

How easy is it to get laundry done. I'm a chronic over- packer and don't want to this trip. How many days do we really need? Also, I'm assuming nothing dressy?

Finally - are there any restrictions for horseback riding- height or weight restrictions? Can the kids ride at the Ucross if the parent doesn't? Thanks


  • The original poster will have gone and returned, but for a new traveller with similar questions:

    If you call Tauck, they can tell you the age and gender of the other children booked on your specific trip.

    Our family always travels "carry on only" and we did not need to do laundry. There is nothing dressy at all. It was all tee shirts and jeans or maybe shorts. We were mostly at a higher altitude than we thought and it never got blazing hot, even though we travelled in late August.

    It got COLD the night of the rodeo in Cody. I wished I'd brought a hat and scarf for that event only.

    Don't worry about the Snake River rafts. It's a float trip, not whitewater. You are not at all likely to get wet.

    The horseback riding was whoever wanted to go, and though I have a bad knee and anther woman an artificial hip, we were both fine with it. The younger kids rode in a ring and were closely supervised by ranch staff. Sadly, the ride was cut short because a thunderstorm was getting too close and they didn't want us out there on the flat land in lightening. As for height or weight restrictions, I think the only ones would be foreseeable...like a kid can't ride by themselves if they are babies, and every stable I have been to won't let the very obese ride because the poor horse could be hurt! But there was no one in either category on our trip. They did separate us out into a couple of groups for the ride so if you did have a very young child, Mom could go riding while Dad watched the little one, and then switch off.

    I never did laundry. It's only a week. Maybe 3 pairs of pants and 7 rolled t shirts and a sweatshirt or two and ya got it. OH and maybe a poncho in case it rains. I didn't bring the cowboy boots we bought for the trip because they took up too much space, and we didn't need them.

    There are wide open spaces and it's a very nice motor coach in between. Long bus rides.
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