Joe Cain

Even though I laughed out loud, Joe needs to find something better with his time than making up the junk he is putting in here. That takes a lot of work to look that stupid. He could probably be a joke writer for David fact, given how bad his posts are, he might already have that job.

I'm sure Tauck will revoke his chat privileges. Until then enough of him is enough.


  • I had high hope … well, okay … not exactly high, more like extremely low ….. that Joe would manage some improvement in his English language skills. Or at least in his manipulation of the auto translation button. But it does seem that all hope is in vain.

    I fear your prediction will prove to be correct, ndvb. I don't think he has any hope of being noticed by the Letterman team. The tautology hasn't reached the required level. He hasn't even reached first base. No, second. Who's on first?


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