Pre day in Melbourne

My wife and I will be arriving in Melbourne 1 day early for the April Spot Light on Australia trip. Any suggestions on places to experience on that day that are not covered during the tour? Thanks


  • Goodness me, Gary! One day. That's hardly arriving early and you will be quite tired and disoriented after your journey, too. (Yes, I have been told some people are super human. Perhaps you are one of them.) My guess is that you will want to take it easy, so as not to waste one minute of your very short, trip of a lifetime to Australia. If you have any energy to spare, as a Melbourne girl, can I suggest dipping into some of the following suggestions:

    A stroll through the Princess Alexandra Gardens
    A few hours taking in the art of the National Gallery of Victoria, International or Australian Collections
    A visit to the Immigration Museum
    A tram ride.
    A stroll up Collins Street for some surprising, Gold-Rush-money financed architecture.

    If you had more time, or less sense of time, perhaps, you could take a side trip to see the unique Fairy Penguins, or the world famous limestone sea stacks along the Great Ocean Road or a wander through the byways and barrels of our ...yes ... world famous wine growing area of the Yarra Valley.

    There's a lot to see in a city with 4.25 million people! Next time, you will really have to arrive early!



  • Many thanks Jan, and NO, we were not going to do anything but rest upon our first day arrival in Melbourne. I was referring to the next day, when our actual tour begins with the 5:00 p.m. welcome dinner. You have really given us some great options to begin to acclimate us to your wonderful city/country before Tauck takes over. Thanks again, Gary
  • No worries, Gary. The suggestions I made are all within staggering ... er, walking distance ;))) of your hotel. I had originally included some other suggestions, including the laneway and coffee experience, but on checking your itinerary here on the site, Tauck already mentions our coffee! Yay!

    Have fun!


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