June 10 Jewish Heritage Tour

Is anyone going on the June 10th Jewish Heritage tour?


  • Hi Jill,

    I assume you are talking about the Wednesday June 11, 2014 Tour? If that is correct, yes, my wife Linda and I are going. We are truly looking forward to experiencing this tour.
  • I am trying decide between the regular warsaw, budapest, vienna and prague tour vs the jewish heritage tour. My children want the regular tour but my husband amd I want the jewish heritage. Did you compare the two tours? Do you know what you would miss from the regular tour or jewish tour if we pick the other? Do you know how jewish the jewish tour is?
    thanks so much.
  • Hello all, We're packed and ready to go. Leaving on the 9th for a "jet-lag" day. See you on the 11th. David & Nilda
  • My husband and I are going on this tour and are looking forward to a great experience.
    Laura and Jack Eddleman
    Nashville, TN
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