Zika Virus in Brazil

My husband and I will be on the March 4, 2016 Essence of South America Tour, ending in Rio. Is there major concern among fellow travelers or among Tauck leadership over the Zika virus outbreak? What precautions are being taken? We're excited about the trip, of course, but we are keeping up with the news from the CDC and WHO.


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    Hi There,

    Like you, we have been closely following the new regarding the Zika virus. From what we know right now, Zika is commanding worldwide attention because of the potential impact to pregnant women and in some cases to babies developing in the womb. In most people, symptoms of the virus are mild, including fever, headache, rash and possible pink eye. In fact, 80% of those infected never know they have the disease.

    The CDC recommends the following precautions when traveling to areas where cases of Zika have been identified.
    o Prevent Zika by avoiding mosquito bites.
    o When used as directed, insect repellents are safe and effective for everyone, including pregnant and nursing women.
    o Most insect repellents can be used on children.
    o Repellents containing DEET, provide long lasting protection.
    o If you use both sunscreen and insect repellent, apply the sunscreen first and then the repellent
    o Do not spray insect repellent on the skin under your clothing.
    o When weather permits, wear long-sleeved shirts and long pants.
    o Use air conditioning or window/door screens to keep mosquitoes outside.

    Additional informational regarding the Zika virus can be found on the CDC website: www.CDC.gov/zika

    The safety and security of our guests and employees remain our highest priorities. At the current time, based on the information we have received, we will operate all upcoming departures as scheduled. We continue to monitor any developments and will provide an immediate update if there are changes.

    Hope this helps,
    Tauck Emily

  • Thanks! We are looking forward to the trip.
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