February 8th Australia and New Zealand Trip

Exactly what size luggage should I use for my checked bag on this trip. I remain confused concerning what to carry. I know there is a weight limit but do I carry a 24",27", etc.? I think the weight limit is 40-50 lbs. Is that correct? After reading the information on the Tauck site concerning luggage limits I never really understood the bottom line.

Thank you for helping me with this situation as our trip is near.



  • 50 lb limit on the international flights with total dimension not to exceed 62 inches; 44 lb limit on the short flights within Australia. 15 lb limit for your carry on during those short flights. I bought an ultra lightweight 28 inch bag and had to return it when my measurements exceeded 62 inches even though the manufacturer's measurements came to only 57". I didn't want to take the chance. I exchanged it for another 28 inch bag that does conform. My husband is using a 26" bag.
  • I took this trip in November and was panicked when I read the documents 2 days before I was set to leave and saw the luggage requirements. I bought a lightweight 29 inch piece of luggage for the trip and didn't have time to get the correct size. I called Tauck and they said the size didn't matter as much as the weight. I stayed under the 50 lbs and didn't have any issues during any flight. I only brought 1 checked bag, where some others had 2 or even 3!! You definitely want to leave room for souveniers!!! Great trip...Enjoy!
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