Hi - I am interested in taking this cruise with my parents, but I have a history of seasickness on boats in the ocean (rivers and lakes are fine.)

Can anyone who has taken this chime in abut the roughness of the water? Is it pretty smooth or is it more severe?

My hope is that because it seems to hug the shore it won't be a rough as a ship in the open sea...or does that not matter?

My Mom is really hoping to do this, but I don't want to spend her entire trip green!

Thanks for any thoughts - Syl.


  • Get the motion sickness patches that go behind your ear, Transderm Scop ($). Several of us used them. I really don't know if I needed them but, I wanted to make certain to enjoy the experience. The sea was fairly smooth just a few times it was briefly a little choppy. The rough ride (not very long) might be in the small boats to land on shore. The ship is state of the art with stabilizers according to the description. I didn't see or hear of anyone having problems in the Tauck group.
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