waiting and flight time between islands

My husband and I are planning a trip to Hawaii in 2016. For those who have taken this trip, please advise us how much time is spent at airports and flying between islands.


  • If you are taking tour all you have to do is call the tour company and they will be able to tell you. If you are doing this on your own this forum is not the place for your answer. This is for people taking tours with Tauck only. But, it will be same time for all airports as throughout the US.
  • If you take Tauck, you don't handle tickets or luggage. The tour director gives you your boarding pass and all you have to do is go through security. The planes between islands are large jet planes very little leg room but the flight is very fast. Probably 20 minutes maybe 30 at the most. If you take Tauck you go straight to the bus and don't get luggage. Tauck gets the luggage to your destination and room. Flights are really easy between islands.
  • Having just returned from this tour perhaps an update is appropriate.

    On travel days checked baggage pickup from your room is 6AM. The coach leaves for the airport at 7AM. Flights generally leave between 9AM and 10AM and are less than an hour.

    At your destination your checked bags are magically waiting for you in your hotel room.
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