March 1st -pre tour day.

Is anyone else arriving on the 1st, the day before the tour's official start? We would be interested in getting together at the hotel and perhaps exploring the local area.

This will be our first Tauck tour and we are very excited.

Is the money situation any clearer as time goes on?


  • We are also arriving a day early on March 1. We are planning to do some local sightseeing as well. We have contacted a driver to take us to a step well, some sights and also to a local village. You are welcome to join us if this is something you would be interested in doing? This will be our first Tauck tour.
  • Re your question regarding Indian currency/money. We will use US dollars in small denominations.
  • Thanks for your response.

    Because we arrive in the middle of the night, we don't expect to get going until late morning. We'll probably eat a late breakfast and just had planned to explore the hotel and the surroundings. Thanks for the offer. We are looking forward to meeting you and the others on the tour. Perhaps we could meet for dinner after what sounds like your fun day.
  • Hi MiloMcShane, I am going a day early on an earlier tour (Feb 7th tour) and was interested in getting more info on the driver and trip you are planning on your pre-tour. I am very interested in the step wells too and wondering what your itinerary is. Did you book it through the hotel in Delhi or arrange privately? Any info you can provide would be appreciated. Thanks!
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