Any comments about the Best of Ireland trip will be appreciated. I am going in october.


  • I never went to Ireland.. but I would like to go there.
  • We did the Best of Ireland this past July. It was a wonderful trip and the hotels and meals are fabulous. In July, when we thought it woud be hot, it was actually comfortable to cool. I bought a double sided type of windbreaker on the Dingle Penisnsula, so you will most likely need something a bit heavier for October and possibly an umbrella. Most days are "soft"--- a bit overcast and misty, sometimes only in the morning, but when the sun shines, which in July it did, it was just glorious country. Have a wonderful time.
  • We did the Best of Ireland in late-May, early-June of 2011 with a "free" day in Ennis at the Old Ground Hotel. We really enjoyed walking around the village and found a couple of small cafe's for dinner and breakfast. The food at the Old Ground was good but pretty expensive. The weather was "normal" for Ireland; dress in layers and be ready for big weather changes during the day. The day we were at the cliffs of Moher we had bright sunshine and calm; then heavy winds, rain and sleet; then back to sunny and calm - all within an hour! The Tauck experience was wonderful. Our favorite stops were a couple that were not on the itinerary but I won't spoil the surprise by saying when or where. The bus was very comfortable with plenty of leg room. As a pretty tall person I really appreciated not having my knees continually rubbing the seat in front of me. This was our first trip with Tauck but we were so impressed that we've booked a river cruise with them for May of 2012.
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