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Hi there,
I am traveling to Vietnam in this August. I'd like get a Vietnam visa. I found on the internet They do visa approval letter after 2 working days with the cost of $10 for 1 month singe entry. Has anyone used or heard anything about them?
Thank you so much!


  • We did not use that site. We went six years ago and used I don't know if this has changed, but one thing to be careful about is having the entry fee ( at that time it was $28.00) in US dollars! That is in addition to the service fee. When we arrived in Hanoi, there were a number of people in line who had the proper papers but not the cash! I have no idea what happened to them. At that time the process at the airport in Hanoi was very loosely-goosey, to say the least! They took all of my papers but none of my husband's, and when I tried to hand them over, they waved me off. Then when they called us up and returned our passports, his didn't have a visa. We pointed that out, and they just slapped one in! The story goes on with more comedic touches, but I won't list them here! I can only hope they have tightened up the process. We had planned this trip the previous year but had to do a last minute cancel. That time we had gotten our visas through the consulate in San Francisco. The VOA is so much easier AND cheaper!
  • Hi DavidVilla,

    I have used their services. The procedures are fast. Good and reliable site.
  • Hi joycesw,
    Thank you for that !
    Their service fee for approval letter is $10 (I will pay for them).
    Stamp fee at the airport is $25 (I will pay at the airport).

    Hi DavidVilla,
    Thank you for that !
  • I learned that in late August of 2016, Vietnam upped its visa fee to $220. Has anyone else observed this?
  • I got mine 3 weeks ago for $80. Simple process.
  • Hi David
    I have just came back from Vietnam. U can consult infomation about Vn e-visa on this website

    This is what I paid for the agency to get vietnam visa:
    - Service fee for approval letter is $12 ( I will pay for them, but I booked the tour of Bestprice travel company so I got free this fee)
    - Stamp fee at the airport is #25 ( I pay at the airport).
    Total is 25$

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