Best of Hawaii ( May 1,2017)

We are going on the Best Of Hawaii, beginning May 1, 2017, leaving from Bethlehem, PA. Anyone going, and if so, do you know the daily agenda, as the hotel was switched from Fairmont Orchid to, Mauna Lani Bay .


  • Aloha. We did this trip in February 2017 and all we can say is "You are going to love it". We really did experience the best of Hawaii and there are many memorable moments. On the Big Island we took the optional 2 hour helicopter ride over the volcano and the views were amazing. I believe the Fairmont Orchid and Mauna Lani Bay are almost next door to each other. It should not have any impact on the daily itinerary. Mahalo...
  • Diane, you are going to love this tour. Minna was an outstanding tour director. I hope you get her. There is more free time on this tour than others I have taken. Be sure and take summer clothes and don't forget a bathing suit. May is a good time to go for everything is in bloom. I don't know why you are not staying at the Fairmount but I know the other hotel will be fine. If you are staying at the Fairmount in Maui it is just beautiful and luxurious!! Enjoy!!
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