Amsterdam to Budapest River Cruise September 18 2017

Hi! Anyone out there traveling with us on the September 18 2017 southbound cruise? We've been on many ocean cruises but this is our first river cruise and our first trip with Tauck. Would like to hear about any tips from previous travelers and just hear a hello from fellow passengers. I'm Chris and my partner Michael and I are from Washington DC.


  • Hello Chris and Michael,
    We are also on the Sept. 18, 2017 southbound cruise. This will be our 2nd Tauck trip and our 1st European river cruise. We are excited to cruise the Rhine and meet fellow travelers and also learn about any tips that may be shared. I am Sandie and my husband is Terry. We are from Montana.
  • Hello,
    I too am travelling on Sept 18.
    This is my first trip (solo) with Tauck and I am really looking forward to it.
    I am spending a few extra days in Budapest at the end.
    I have been reading a daily blog with images which although a number of years old - i found it interesting reading.
    I am in Canada just west of Toronto
    Look forward to meeting you all.
  • Good morning from Spokane Washington. Lynn and I have been on many Tauck land trips and they have been wonderful. This is our first river trip with Tauck and are looking forward to the experience. We will be staying three days before the tour begins in Amsterdam and an additional three days in Budapest after the cruise.

    To Sandie and Terry--Our daughter lives in Billings Montana and our son went to Carroll College in Helena. I am a Montana want to be living in Spokane.

    Looking forward to meeting and traveling with everyone.

    Lynn and Jim
  • Sandy and Terry, great to hear from you both. You're lucky to be from Montana. From what I know of it I think it may be one of the most beautiful states in the country. I hope to visit sometime. What was your first Tauck trip if I may ask? We have our eye on one of their Africa tours in the near future.

    Mary, I think it's very cool that your are traveling solo. Definitely look for us and join us for a drink on the trip. By the way, the blog you pointed to was an excellent find. The level of detail that the writer gave provided some great insights into what to expect.

    Lynn and Jim, you are fortunate to have been on so many Tauck land trips. Michael's parents have been on many of them and swear by them. It will be interesting to hear from you how the river and land trips compare.

    Chris and Michael

  • Dave and I (Chris) are excited to join you on our first river cruise but our second Tauck experience. The first trip we did with Tauck was amazing!! We are from Florida, but originally from Oakville, Canada.
    We'll arrive in Amsterdam 1 day early and wish we were staying in Budapest longer. Our friends who have been there say it's beautiful. We're looking forward to meeting you all soon.
  • Dave and Chris - Isn't it a small world- I am in Oakville (Bronte)
    I look forward to have a drink with you Chris and Michael- thank you!
  • Hello Everyone,

    It is a joy to be able to share with fellow travelers that are on the upcoming AMS to BUD cruise. We are also arriving in Amsterdam a day early. Our plan is to visit the Van Gogh Museum on the 17th and Anne Frank's House the morning of the 18th.

    Our first Tauck tour was Canada's Capital Cities. We wanted to try out Tauck with a short tour and get to know more about our wonderful neighbor to the north. We enjoyed every minute of the tour and started planning our 2nd tour right after we got back home.

    Lynn and Jim, It is a small world. We are from Billings. We have spent a lot of time in Spokane and loved it. One of our sons played basketball for Spokane Community College and then went to Washington State. As a former principal, I have hired excellent Carroll graduates to work in the Billings Public Schools.

    We are looking forward to seeing everyone in a few short months and to sharing ideas, tips (thanks, Mary, for the link) and insights.

    Sandie and Terry
  • I am getting into Amsterdam on the 17th at 6:30 am. Am going to fill up on caffeine and hope to stay awake as long as possible.
    I have purchased tickets to the Van Gogh Museum and to Anne Frank Huis. I find it interesting that you have to book a specific time but was advised to prepay online to avoid the very long lineups. The Foodhallen and the apple pie at Winkel 43 comes highly recommended so will take that in too.
    I thought since I was in Holland I want to see a real working windmill so am off to Zaanse Schans early morning of the 18th.
    After the cruise I am staying at the Buscolo in Budapest for an extra 2 days. I plan on taking a day to visit Szentendre and perhaps Aquinam before heading home.
    Would love to hear any suggestions.
  • Hi All, we will be on the September 18th River Cruise, Amsterdam to Budapest. This will be our 7th Tauck tour and our second river cruise. In 2015 we did a Christmas river cruise on the Rhine which was lovely. We will be arriving on September 15th and we would like to see Anne Franks House and the Van Gogh Museum. Looking forward to meeting everyone. Kevin and Sue
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    We are Steve and Cathy from Missouri. We too are on the September 18th River cruise. This is our first Tauck Cruise and our first river cruise....though we have done several other cruises on other cruise lines. We arrive in Amsterdam on the 17th and are staying at the Waldorf. We have booked the van Gogh museum on the 17th at 1:00 and the Anne Frank house at 12:30 on the 18th. We are also staying an additional night at the Hilton Budapest. Then we are flying to London to stay a few days at the Conrad before returning home. We look forward to meeting all of you.
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