Discovering Fes -Medina hiding alleys

Hello everyone.

Now 7 month away from my next trip.. this time Morocco, my homework is mostly done. My Spa treatments are

booked, pre & post stay private guides are booked etc.. but, I also realized that something was missing...

So, after a lot of thought... VIOLA!! I realized... it's the enchanting Alleys , yes ! those reddish, old, narrow alleys... those

we see on the internet that are any photographers dream.. and I ask myself ,if Tauck would want to add an xtra 15 min.

to our walk around Fes El Bali (old Medina) for us the photographers to have the opportunity to capture them?

As I know Tauck loves to surprise us.... :))

But them my thoughts went even further... what if... :)) before we exit thruw the blue/green gate,

we detour a few steps to the right and enter the Bou Inania Madrasa.. That would... Wao! us. :))

So, as I was trying to help.. I though and this is a friendly suggestion... if at worst, maybe dinner could be schedule after 6:30pm so independent travelers could finish up the Medina sights..

Any ideas?



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