Peru and the Galapagos Islands

I want to find out what other people thought about this trip. There doesn't seem to be a way to get into the locked files. This is not helpful at all.


  • Hi Carol,

    I'm not really sure what you're talking about — what do you mean by locked files? I suggest you email [email protected] about this issue, so we can keep better track of it, and resolve this more quickly and easily.

    Thank you!
  • I went to your home page and clicked on travel-forum espx
    Then "discuss trips by region"
    Then Latin America
    Then Peru and Galapogus
    In the box were open files from Galapagos Islands to scuba diving.
    Underneath the green lined box with the above posts were a number of closed gold files. "New posts" was locked.

    I want to hear from some other people who have taken this trip before I finalize my tentative reservations for June 3rd. Please help.

    Carol W
  • Hi Carol,

    You should have received an email from [email protected] earlier today. I hope this helped answer your question.

    And, just for the benefit of others, I'm reproducing part of it here:
    esupport wrote:
    The gold files you were referring to – the listing of new posts, locked posts, etc. – is the legend of icons used for individual threads; posts can be locked in the Travel Forums, but I don’t believe any currently are. That just displays the icons so that, if you run into a locked post (or a sticky post, or a poll, or a post that’s been moved), you can check to see what it is. The labeled posts up above – “Peru and the Galapagos Islands,” “Galapagos Islands,” “Scuba Diving,” etc. – are the posts there actually are actually present.

  • In response to what other think about the trip - all I can say is do your homework. We were very disappointed in the Peru portion of the trip. We were equally disappointed in not knowing the chances of the Machu Picchu portion being cancelled.
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    Good point. I think we travellers always have to do our own homework before we travel. Tauck take care of just about everything you can think of when you are on the road. Their Tour Directors are well trained and can, and often do, perform miracles in the face of unforeseen circumstances. You know the ones that often pop up when travelling! :)

    But, you know, nothing beats the individual traveller knowing ahead of time that the dates they were thinking of might book-end, say, the rainy season, when road wash-outs are common. Not even Tauck can predict that the rainy season might start two months early or end late the particular time you book your trip. Or knowing before hand that every time you turn around you will be offered something containing ??rice?? to eat and you still can't face rice after all of Aunty Rita's rice puddings as a child. Maybe you really should re-think your burning ambition to visit India? Or at least work on rekindling a passing likeness for rice before you book!

    Knowing all the facts, or at least knowing you've done your best to find out before you go is a great comforter. Then you can sit back and let the wonderful serendipity of travel unravel. I mean, we don't embark on foreign travel ... which can be anywhere past your own back fence ... thinking it's going to be just like home, do we? That would be plain boring! Thank heavens for the internet! It makes the finding out beforehand almost as much fun as the getting there.
  • We're scheduled for the May 22 trip and sure hope nothing gets canceled. We're very much looking forward to it. Reading the post about the Machu Picchu closure is making me nervous.
  • You are outside the rainy season so should be ok
  • Comment from AHeltsley makes reference to Machu Picchu closure and hopes that nothing gets cancelled on their trip in May.

    We will be on the trip to Peru/ Machu Picchu and the Galapagos beginning April 24. Apparently we missed any information regarding the possibility of Machu Picchu closure. Can someone explain what this is about?
  • Carol W and others wondering about this trip:

    My husband and I took this trip last year. It was fabulous. We have never been disappointed by Tauck. I have to say it was the most grueling vacation we've ever taken, given the extreme heat and the amount of hiking, swimming, and walking...but I wouldn't have changed a thing (except maybe the heat).

    The whole trip was fun and very informative. The Galapagos portion was my favorite, though. The Isabella II was a great ship. It was clean, comfy, and the staff was ALL wonderful. The adventure was unbelievable. It couldn't be matched, I'm sure. We swam, up close, with sea lions, penquins, sea turtles, and lots of beautiful fish. I was a bit surprised by how much the ship rocked, but in retrospect, I suppose I should have expected this. We got used to it very quickly. Only one person on our ship had any problems with sea sickness, and he got over it rather quickly.

    Machu Picchu was gorgeous, of course. It was a very spiritual and awe-inspiring place.

    Our Tour Director, Gaston, was amazing. Our native "Incan" guide in Peru, Harvey, was a wealth of knowledge. It was great to hear "the other side of the story" of the Spanish Conquistadors impact on the Incan civilization.

    In the Galapagos, we had a team of Naturalists who were knowledgable and helpful.

    All in all, I think you all will have a wonderful trip! Try to roll with any unexpected hiccups, because I don't think you'll leave disappointed.

  • We took this trip last year and to echo Eagalido -- it was wonderful-- We had some last minute changes due to the weather in Peru but the Tauck people were great. It was the most grueling vacatioin we have taken but I am very overweight and out of shape but made it OK.

    Everyone has a different opinion of what was the best part of the trip but all I can say is it was all great. The native guides in Peru and in the Galapagos are top notch and can answere any and all questions. Don't pass this trip up.
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