Private Flights

Can someone describe the procedure for the private flights? Is there any TSA type security
clearance for carryons, timing, etc....


  • As of last October, there was no special security for the private flights. The bus drives through a special gate and drives right up to the plane, which is in a special area of the airport. We did have the opportunity to use a special lounge and the bathrooms in the lounge prior to boarding the plane. The only change to that procedure was on the flight from Queenstown to Auckland, where we used the regular passenger area, and, I think, went through security -- but that whole day was unusual. The day was rainy and there were low clouds, and our charter, which was a prop in NZ (a jet in Australia), could not take off over the mountains. Our tour director, Miles, miraculously got all of us on a scheduled Air New Zealand flight that took off a couple of hours after the charter would have left. I don't know whether we would have had to go through security if we had taken the charter. The trip is fantastic!
  • Thanks. That's a big help!
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