Weather in June

We are taking this trip at the end of May, and will start the safari trips in the beginning of June. IVe heard that the safari rides can be quite cool/cold this time of the year. Would love to get fed back from those of you that traveled during this time, as to how cold does it get and what type of clothing is needed to be comfortable.


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    Expect low 40's to mid 70's. We did this trip and wore layers on our safaris. The early morning ones will start out on the cold side and warm up after sunrise. We had scarves, gloves, and 3-4 layers of clothing. They provided blankets and we removed layers as needed. The evening drives can get cool after sunset. An open moving vehicle will add a bit of wind chill to the actual temperatures. Suggest you also check the forecast before heading off to S. Africa. This is a wonderful trip.
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