Dress code for Rhine cruise?


  • We have a 12-day Rhine river cruise coming up at the end of June. Are sports jackets or suits required for any onboard or onground event? I understand that dress slacks and shirts are required for men but are ties and sports coats?

    Pleas assist.

  • Having recently finished the Rhine Enchantment trip I can tell you it was a mixed bag for special events men’s attire. The opening dinner was casual dressy with just a few wearing coats and a few with ties. I wore a sport coat, no tie, to the castle dinner and the special dinner on the boat at the end of cruise. I was comfortable . A lot more coats and more ties for these 2 events. Some were “scruffy” but IMHO they did not seem dressed appropriately. Hope this helps.

  • Always a pleasure 👍

  • Thanks for sharing the best information!!

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