Has anyone taken a CPAP from the USA on Kenya/Tanzania Safari?

How did the CPAP work on the classic safari? did you take a power converter and distilled water with you? Thank you


  • First of all, you should view the luggage limitations for this trip, as they are quite restrictive. Scroll down until you see the box that discusses "Required Travel Documents..." The luggage restrictions are among the items there. Carrying distilled water doesn't seem like a realistic possibility. From other posts (search CPAP), I gather that you can use bottled water, so long as you wash and drain the unit in the morning. You will need to decide whether your CPAP is practical within the luggage weight limits and size limits (you are limited to one duffel weighing 33lbs or less - for EVERYTHING - while on safari). As far as a converter, check the electric label on your CPAP to see if it is dual voltage (i.e. if the voltage range goes to 240v.). If so, you don't need a converter, just a adaptor for the plug. If the voltage range only goes to 120v, you will need a convertor of sufficient wattage for your unit.

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