Images From The Australia/New Zealand Tour


  • Thanks for sharing the photos. They bring back fun memories. Australia is one of our favorite places. We did the Spotlight on Australia trip in 2017 and have the Australia (Tasmania, Kangaroo Island) trip planned for February 2021 and it's sold out already.

  • Your pictures are beautiful! What kind of camera did you use?

  • Thanks so much! I use 2 Olympus OMD-EM1 Mark IIs and take instruction from Pulitzer Prize winning photographer Jay Dickman.

    For India I wore a Black Rapid Dual harness so I would have both cameras available, one with a 75mm MFT prime lens, or 150 mm equivalent, and the other with a 12-100mm or 24 to 200mm M.Zuiko equivalent lens. I've been experimenting, selling the photos to friends, with the proceeds going to Doctors Without Borders. Feel free to look at any of the pictures on the website, many of them from our travels with Tauck.

    For Australia I used the 12-100 lens, primarily, giving a 24-100mm equivalent -- both wide and tele. Lovely lens, wish it was better than an f/4.

    For Kenya/Tanzania I used a 300 mm M.Zuiko lens with teleconverter, or a 840 mm equivalent. You might enjoy seeing "Leopard In A Tree", which won a center fold in a photo mag. The leopard must have been Irish -- it had green eyes!

    Thanks again for the compliments.


  • Do you do a lot of post production?

  • That's been an interesting issue. The short answer is some to a lot -- Jay Dickman was a newspaper photographer and is a Nat Geo guy, so changing the image in that line of work was verboten. But things have changed, and instead of "photos", the concept has drifted toward image making, so post is a big part nowadays. For advanced amateurs and pros, the Creative Cloud Suite of Lightroom and Photoshop are the mainstays in the field. When folks do wedding work, for example, there are even programs that change skin and even the shape of the face, lips, etc. I personally use the same controls in LR and PS so that my images begin to have a characteristic style.

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