Yosemite NP

We are looking forward to this trip but have questions about how best to use the little time we have in Yosemite. We want to walk to the lower falls, use the valley shutle to view the local area. go see the views from Glacier Point and also see the giant Sequoias. For anyone who has been to Yosemite before, how can we do everything?


  • Hi, My suggestion is to go to the following link. http://www.nps.gov/yose/planyourvisit/tours.htm The national park website has a lot of information. The site also has some quick videos were the Rangers talk about some of the hikes to the falls. Yosemite has an all day tour called Grand Tour which has highlights of the valley, Glacier Point, Sequoias. Please note that the website's last post on the snow removal for Glacier Point is as of 4/29 at that time the blows were just past the Bridevail Campground. We were in Yosemite in Nov 1999, but were not able to go to Glacier Point because it rain the day before we arrived and the Glacier Point road was closed due to ice. We are hoping that the blows and snow removal equipment are able to reach Glacier Point by next weekend so that we can take in the view from the point.
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