Canyonlands Tour

We meet for our tour on Friday in Phoenix. Very excited! My husband is wondering if hiking boots are necessary or advisable? Also, do the park hotels have hairdryers?


  • No one had hiking boots on our trip that I know of. If he plans to do alot of hiking in the parks and is comfortable in them maybe he should take them. You have alot of time to do whatever you want in the parks. Yes, you will have hairdryers. Have a great time. The trip is wonderful!!!
  • Hello Applemc55,

    Flatslands64 knows what she's talking about! Hiking boots are not necessary only advisable if you are planning on doing some hiking in your free time. We just ask that our guests take along comfortable walking shoes.

    Hairdryers are indeed available at all the hotels on this tour.

    Hope this helps,
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