Restaurants close walking distance of Hotel and opera house

We are on the May 8th tour. We are looking for a restaurant for Monday night (free time) in Paris. All the places we've been to before are a taxi ride away and we are going to the Ballet at 7:30 at the opera house so would like to keep it walking distance. Are "Mondays" and issue with Paris restaurants being open? While we could eat early, we would prefer something after the Ballet which I'm guessing will be 10ish. Not looking for super fancy just really good food. We like small "local" places if venturing out. We can handle enough french to order dinner. I read that there is a restaurant at the opera house now which might be an option if we eat before the performance. Has anyone eaten there ?

thanks Joel


  • Just to be clear for anyone who may wish to respond, is your ballet at the Palais Garnier (the old opera house of Phantom fame) or the Opera Bastille (the new modern opera house)?

  • It's the Palais Garnier across from the hotel which is why we were thinking of staying on foot.

  • Uber is alive and well in Paris so no need to limit yourself to walking distance. There are a number of brasseries in the area and Tauck reps will have a list for you.

  • We were just there ten days ago and ate at L’Entracte right around the corner from the Intercontinental and faces the Opera House. Yes, it was open on Monday, the night we arrived and ate there. Excellent food, English menu (tiny print but readable) 😉. There are cafes all around the hotel! So happy you get to see a performance..,such a gorgeous opera house!

  • You might try Aux Lyonnais - an Alain Ducasse restaurant. Easy walk from Opera Garnier, mostly along the Boulevard des Capucines.

  • Thanks for all the replies. After researching around and trying online booking etc with not much luck, we figured we'd lean on the concierge at the intercontinental. We are coming in early on saturday so that will give us a couple of days to fine someplace. I don't remember ever having a bad meal in paris so I'm sure it'll work out.

    Thanks all

  • It's been several years, but we ate at Capucine (twice!) during our visit, just for the French Onion soup. It was within walking distance of the hotel.

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