Passport requirements

We have received lots of conflicting info about the required blank visa pages in our passports that the Tauck literature mentions. My husband has 4 blank pages, but no two are face to face. None of the South African official websites say that this is a requirement. We called the Consulate General in Chicago, and they told us that any two blank pages would be fine. The airline has not said anything about this side by side requirement either. We leave the day after tomorrow, so we'll just cross our fingers on this one. Does anyone have more information for us?


  • Hi Swami,

    I'm afraid we can't always give concrete information about visas, because the requirements can change on a whim, and every Consulate/Embassy makes their own rules. From the Fall of 2010 through to March of 2011, the rule for the Chicago Embassy was 2 pages side-by-side; however, if you just called and were told something differently, I would go with that.

    Have a wonderful time in South Africa!

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