How Many New Friends?

I have been asked by a number of people how many people are typically on this tour? Since this is our first Tauck experience, I am stumped. By the way, although I haven't left yet, I am already convinced I don't want this to be our last.


  • I went on this tour last November. On Aus we had 29 and on New Zealand we had 28. you will have no more than a full bus load on either trip which I believe is about 40. Just because the tour says full does not mean full bus load not all take both protions of the trip and the reservation stops at a full bus load no matter if it is full on either part of trip.

    This was my 9th trip. I only wish I could aford more than one a year.

    Was a great trip all around. Only real complaint was the Great Barrier Reef. Would have preferred going out with a small group that only snorkeled. The tour we went on has stuff for people not wanting to snorkel and the spot is over done. The coral was not very colorful. And just so you know ask about the current. Was really bad when we 1st went in not as bad later in the day. I was told the helicoptor ride (add on) was worth it.
  • I did the helicopter off of the Quicksilver platform at Agincourt on the GBR 3 weeks ago and it was well worth it.
  • Thanks for the great feedback re size and highlight/lowlight. Reassuring to hear such positive comments all around for the Tauck experiences. We hope to make this one memorable and the first of many more.
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