Summary of shots and pills needed for S. Africa Elegant Adventure

Thinking of S. Africa Elegant Adventure but concerned about all the shots and pills that must be taken. Can anyone summarize which are needed, which are not, and whether you or anyone on your trip had any adverse effects from the shots or pills?


  • Hi Ric,

    If you go to the page here on the Tauck web site for your trip, you'll find, under the Need to Know tab, then under Health, a basic run down on the types of things you might need to cover. As always, before you take off for parts unknown, or in your case, a wonderful African adventure, it is always best to consult you own medical professional. They know you best and can advise how all the necessary precautions will work with your individual body factory!

    Nothing worse when you're far from home and you discover you've left behind a vital part of your personal, do-it-yourself brain surgery kit, or similar. ;)

    Have a great trip,


  • Check out MD Travel Health web site, they list recommended and/or necessary vaccinations:
  • My mom and I are leaving on April 9th for South Africa. We have had typhoid, Hep A and B, Tetnus, and will start malaria pills right before we leave and continue after we return. This is from my personal doctor who consulted the cdc.

    I personally had no ill effect from anything except the tetnus. My arm was sore for a couple of days, but that was about it.

    Hope this helps,
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