England,Scotland, & Wales June 16

My wife and I are on this tour and planning to pack clothes for cool and possibly rainy weather. Does anyone know if it warms up enough during this time period to warrant also packing for warmer weather? Also is anyone else also on this tour? Thanks, Bill & Suzanne Foley Blackstone, MA


  • Good thing you planned for rain. England is green for a reason. Generally, June weather should be pleasant. Temperatures in the high 60s during the day with cool evenings. However, this can vary quite a bit. The BBC shows the record high for London in June to be 33C (91F!). Eighties are not too uncommon and it can be a bit muggy. While Tauck hotels and buses are air conditioned, much of Britain is not (especially the London Underground which can be a real sweat box in the summer). My best advice is pack for flexibility. Lightweight shirts with sleeves that can be rolled up are a good idea, but carry a sweater and a rain jacket. The weather can change quickly. Leave the shorts and the tropical clothing at home. Enjoy your trip, we're going on the May 18 trip (my third trip to Britain).
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