Weather in August

How warm is it during day in August, hoping for 75 to 80, don't want to be cold wearing shorts, wet a lot, etc. no one has mentioned this as a problem. I'm sure nights are a bit cooler.

I took the August cruise. The weather was warm and sunny. We had a couple of gray mornings but the fog burned off quickly. There wasn't any rain. We did need wetsuits to snorkel. The water was very clear and the marine life was amazing. The seas were calm at anchor and overall I think most people were very comfortable once they became accustomed to being on a boat.


  • It really doesn't matter much the time of year because you are right on the equator so not a lot of variation in temperatures. We were amazed at how comfortable we were and yes, the nights can be chilly. We were there a week and went deep sea snorkeling 2 days and beach snorkeling 2 other days and because of the rather chill Humboldt current coming up from Antarctica we needed wet suits all but 1 of the beach snorkeling days.

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