Magic of Morocco

To everyone starting this tour next month, wishing you wonderful adventures ! For those of us who will travel in your footsteps, I hope you will report back with any tips/advice. Specifically I am looking for comments on:
-If you arrived early in Rabat did you visit the Kasbah des Oudayas or Chellah ? Did you use the hammam/spa services at the hotel ? -We have a free evening and morning in Marrakech. The hotel is a distance from the city center/medina, how did you spend your free time ? -Currency, being unable to purchase MAD (restricted) prior to arrival, did you need dirhams ?
Do the souks accept Euro/USD for small purchases ? Did you find credit cards freely accepted ? If you exchanged currency did you use ATM's, airport exchange, or a bank ? Safe Travels and ENJOY !


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