I was looking for flights from Newark to Keflavik Airport, Reyjavik. United (with a partner airline) and JetBlue (with a partner airline) all had layovers of several hours. One was in Boston and the other via Lufthansa was in Frankfort. Why would I want to fly all the way to Frankfort and then fly back to Iceland. I was trying to use miles to fly or upgrade but since you are flying with a partner airline you cannot do that. I was trying to upgrade to business. No such luck as JetBlue does not have business unless it is a partnered flight with Icelandic. Icelandic wanted about $1400 pp each way for business and I do not have any points with them so forget that.

I came upon WOW Air. They have at least one non-stop flight. Although their flights are much cheaper, by the time I came upon them the only seats that were left were their upgraded emergency row seats. They do not have business class. But I booked it knowing at least that I would have more leg room. The four legs total for 2 people was $1500 and checked and carry-on baggage, plus a meal and insurance are included.

Check it out.
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