Northbound 6/20/17

We would be interested in knowing if anyone else is scheduled on the 6/20/17 trip. It would be nice to get to meet some of our fellow travelers before the trip begins.

John and Cathy


  • Hi John and Cathy,

    I will also be on the June 20 trip. I live in San Jose, CA and will be traveling solo on this trip.

    Planning to spend a couple of days in Rome on the way over and will arrive in Malta on the 20th. This is my 3rd Tauck trip. Hope it's as good as the other 2.

  • My friend and neighbor Kaye and I will be on the 6/20/17 tour. While this is Kaye's first Tauck adventure this is my 9th. It is safe to say that I appreciate all that Tauck has to offer. We are flying into Malta from North Carolina one day early. I have visions of overcoming jet lag by laying around the pool. Following the tour Kaye and I are taking the train into Paris. I look forward to meeting our fellow travelers and to the sound of the wind in the sails. Seeing the eruption of the volcano while sipping a cocktail will be an added pleasure. Safe travels to all.
  • Hi Roger, Happy to hear from you. We have logged 15 or so trips with Tauck; never been disappointed so we keep coming back. We have done a couple of small ship and river cruises and have come to love them; no packing and unpacking and outstanding food, service and adult refreshments. We are arriving Malta from the states on 6/19. Will probably take it easy the first day. Thinking about a Segway tour and/or possibly our tour director's recommendations for 6/20. We will have all day to acclimate before the welcome reception.

    My wife and I live just north of Baltimore, MD. Looking forward to meeting you.

    John & Cathy
  • Hi Pat, I see you posted just as I was responding to Roger. Looking forward to meeting you and Kaye.

    John & Cathy
  • edited June 2017
    Hi, we are considering the Treasurers of the Mediterranean tour for next fall. Since you all just finished this cruise I thought I'd jump in and ask about it while it was still a fresh memory. :) Did you all enjoy it? Pros? Cons? Food? Accommodations?Sites? Thanks for any feedback.
  • I just returned from the 6/20 trip. I enjoyed it as did everyone else I talked to. Some comments:

    I enjoyed cruising the Mediterranean and visiting the small islands. It was a very relaxing cruise. You don't visit big museums or major historical sites so if that is what you are looking for this isn't the trip for you.

    We had nice weather and smooth sailing conditions. No one I talked to had any problems with sea sickness. I was told that they sometimes have rougher weather, particularly in the fall. It's 58 miles of open sea from Malta to Sicily. It was smooth the night we sailed there but I'm sure they have trips where it is not.

    Ship was very nice. It is small (60 passengers) which is great for visiting small islands. Except in Malta and Nice, we never docked in the same location as bigger ships. For 4 of the islands we anchored and took zodiacs to the dock.

    Hotels in Malta and Monte Carlo were great - terrific locations and very high quality.

    Breakfast and lunch on the ship were excellent. Dinner was typically a 4 course meal with the choice of 3 items. Quality was good but not as good as I have had on other Tauck tours.

    There were 2 nights where sport coat was suggested. Only around a third of the men wore coats and none wore a tie. (A sport coat is suggested if you want to go into the Monte Carlo casino).

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