Two extra days in Oslo-recommendations for what to do/where to go?

My husband and I are going on the July 7th Scandinavia tour and are staying two extra nights in Oslo at the end of the tour. Would appreciate any suggestions for our extra time there.


  • Hi. My husband and I did this trip last summer and spent two extra nights in Oslo as well. It all depends on what you don't manage to squeeze in during your free time on the tour.

    On our first day after the tour we walked first thing in the morning over to the Opera House as you drive by it on the tour but don't go in. We thoroughly enjoyed walking up the roof and the unique perspective it provides. Very cool. We then did the indoor tour and enjoyed seeing the stages, theatre areas, etc.

    In my free time I toured the Slottel or Royal Palace as I enjoy touring the European palaces (my husband not so much). The palace is easy walking distance from the hotel. I managed to see to palaces of all three countries in my spare time on the trip.

    I also suggest the National Gallery as it's only a block from the hotel, and it has the famous "Scream" painting. There's a lot to do within walking distance of the hotel.

    On our final day we took a boat down to Drobak, as we enjoy being on the water. The ride was beautiful as we the boat stops at the many islands on the way, all of which are photogenic with their tiny colorful boathouses lined up along the shore. The boat ride was nice, but the small town was a bit of a disappointment as we somehow hit the beginning of their off season.

    Be sure to take something warm to wear despite it being summer, and to take your swim suits as the spa at Loen with its saunas and indoor pool was a fun diversion.
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