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Does anyone know how much opportunity there is to bicycle (using the bikes carried on the MS JOY), while on the cruise from from Budapest to Prague in October? We would like to cycle during the "free" times.


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    I was on that sailing two years ago and went bike riding on three separate days. Twice independently and once a small group of us were led by Peter, one of our tour directors who was an avid bicyclist, on an impromptu ride. Of course, daily schedules and "free time" can vary from sailing to sailing due to a variety of factors, so your experience may end up differently than mine. Enjoy, it's a wonderful trip.
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    Thanks Calaf. Were you able to use the bikes on the boat each time or did you need to find a rental shop? Can you tell me in which stops/cities you biked? We are very much looking forward to our very first river boat cruise!
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    On this trip, and two other Tauck River Cruises, I used the ship's bicycles. As I recall, they each carried approximately 12-15 bikes. When you sign out a bicycle at the front desk they will also provide you with a helmet.

    I'm afraid I don't recall the specific ports where I went riding.

    Enjoy your first river cruise. I find river cruising a particularly enjoyable travel style.

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