Need for cash (kroner) in Iceland?

We are on July 18 Fire & Ice tour. We understand that aboard ship no actual money is needed. Also have been told that "all" Iceland takes credit cards. We will be in Reykjavik a day before and a day after the tour. I think I'd be more comfortable with a few kroner to carry around. Is this overkill? I'd pull cash from an ATM if needed.


  • Been to Iceland many times and can confirm that pretty much everything can be done by credit card. As I recall, we also got a modest amount from an ATM. Easy enough to use any residual kroner against your hotel bill when you check out at the end.
  • Update. Just back from wonderful 7/18 tour. Got $20 worth of kroner at hotel desk on appirval. Spent none till last day at the airport for snacks. Even a pay toilet took credit cards!
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