Private Louvre Tour Review

We decided to chose the Tauck tour date with the private Louvre tour over the small group date. We were fortunate to have a small group anyway; we were 24 people total. We ended up getting the best of both!

The private Louvre tour was the highlight of our trip. My husband, 13 year old son and I wanted more time than was alotted. We would've paid more money for more time we were that impressed.

Our guides kept saying, "You just can't imagine how loud the Louvre gets during the can't appreciate how quiet and reverent this is..." We took selfies with the empty rooms because it's that unbelievable.

To see WINGED VICTORY presiding over an ornate but quietly empty grand staircase takes your breathe away. Upon first glimpse of the most famous painting in the world, Da Vinci's MONA LISA sits quietly behind glass where the parquet floors are worn thin from thousands of feet everyday. Tauck visitors get to step past these thin floors onto rich and dark hardwood where not many others get to stand or take family photos free of stranger's shoulders and heads.

The private tours are a major selling point for Tauck. We are looking into other such tours like the Sweet Life where one gets access to the Sistine Chapel after hours. Well worth the cost in our opinion...
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