Canadian dollars?

What has been everyone's experience regarding the need for Canadian dollars? Would it be best to wait till I get to Vancouver, or do it here at my local bank?


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    Best exchange rates are at ATMs for cash or use your credit cards for purchases. Check with your bank whether they charge a foreign exchange fee on your ATM card. Also, check your credit cards for the same types of fees. Notify your cards issuers of your travel plans before leaving, so that they don't get blocked for suspected fraud.
  • Thanks, Ken, for your reply. My next question is how much to convert. I was thinking $500, because then I could use those CA dollars for the tips for both the guide and the bus driver.
  • I would get a smaller amount to start and then get what you need to tip tour director and driver from an ATM near the end of the tour. That way you'll know how much you need and won't end up with excess Canadian money at the end.
  • You will need money for some meals not covered by Tauck.

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