Great Wall

Can someone tell me what part of the Great Wall we will visit on this tour? I've heard of Badaling and Moutianyu. Is it either of these two?
Many thanks.


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    We went in 2014. At that time, they took us to the Badaling section. Of course, this is subject to change. If you want to check it on Google maps, here are the GPS coordinates: 40°21'15.4"N 116°00'23.4"E

    Just copy those into the search field on Google maps.
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    Thank you, Ken. We're arriving a day early and I've been looking into Summer Palace tours and they only seem to come with tours of the Moutianyu (sp?) section of the wall. I wanted to make sure we weren't going to see it on the the tour later.
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    When we went, the summer palace was included in the tour. I'm surprised they dropped it. Definitely worth the visit, although very crowded (as are many sights in China). I did notice when I looked at the itinerary that the Great Wall is still the Badaling section, so that hasn't changed (although the now have a gondola - that's new).
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    Hello xxxxxxxxxx and Ken from Vegas,

    I took this tour in late October 2015.

    Badaling station is where they took me. It's the most tourist friendly of all the stations in the Great Wall.

    I did go to the Mutianyu station on my own during my pre-tour stay. They have a gondala ride to the wall and a toboggan ride back to the station. IT WAS GREAT! You do have to be more mindful of the steps at Mutianyu, lots of people tripping over those small steps.

    Our tour did not utilize the gondola since it was very windy when we went. Our tour director explained that strong winds + gondola = delays.

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    Ken, I was surprised about the Summer Palace as well. I thought I saw reference to it being under renovation, but I only saw that once and can't find it anywhere else. Surely that kind of news would be all over the internet, right?

    Thank you, Soun, for the tips about the Moutianyu section. We'll be careful.


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