Carry-on luggage for inter-India flights

This question was probably answered before, but I would like to know what airline will we fly in India. Also, I know about the whole duffel bag scenario, however, I would like to know if we can still bring our 1 carry-on luggage and 1 personal bag (ie backpack) during our inter-India. Thanks in advance!


  • You will fly different intra-India airlines...including SpiceJets! [Gotta love that name in India.]

    Security is a pain. More thorough and time-consuming than TSA.

    Sure, you can have a carry-on and a backpack, but it is to your great advantage to travel with as little as possible on your person.

    This was simply a fantastic trip. Enjoy!

    Sarah in Minneapolis

  • Flying in intra-India airlines is quite different than we are accustomed to. You are allowed the two carry-ons, but you must have them tagged and those tags will be checked at various points. Also, keep your boarding pass as you will need them to disembark at some locations. For the Portrait trip, a number of different airlines are used. It is important to know that you are not allowed to enter an airport any earlier than 3 hours prior to your departure, although, some of Tauck's local vendors can work around that timeline! This is such a phenomenal trip! Tauck TD's and local vendors make their clients' experiences seamless!
  • Joyce's remarks about boarding passes is really important. In fact, on our trip it became quite a joke because of the number of times the pass was examined. At one airport it was examined at every stage during security, then at the gate before being allowed to walk outside to the plane, then again at the bottom of the plane steps and again at the top of the steps, and yes, when disembarking too. The TD was so efficient and made sure everything (including us) was at the correct point at the correct time.
    Portrait is a wonderful, thought provoking, and on occasion humbling experience like no other we have done with Tauck. Take everything in and enjoy.
  • I completely agree with every adjective Richard used to describe this wonderful trip! And, we are so pleased that we chose the Portrait as it took us to Southern India which is such a contrast to Northern India.
  • Is there a luggage weight limit on these flights?
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    I am not sure if you are asking about carry-on or checked bags. Your pre-trip instructions will tell you to bring one checked bag with a max weight of 44 lbs. For carry-on, I use a cross-body purse large enough to hold my camera and a shoulder-tote for electronics, etc. when we change locations. When I fly, I stick the purse in the tote, making only one bag to carry. I do not recall anyone weighing that bag, although, they are pretty thorough in security inspections. And, as an interesting side-note, all security points (airports, restaurants, hotels, etc.) have a separate scan area, behind a curtain, for women, with a woman doing the scanning.
  • You're detailed information is appreciated. Thank you. You were a big help.
  • Don't be surprised to find your carry-on items being scanned airport style every time you enter some hotels too.
  • In our final documents (October 19th trip) the luggage allowance for the inter-India flights is 50 lbs.
  • Thank you all for your insightful replies. I am so excited for this trip and will take all your advice to heart during my intra-India flights. Thanks again for your replies!!!

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