10/23/2017 Tour

Looking to see who's going to be on the Serengeti to Zanzibar tour starting 10/23/2017. I'll be arriving n 10/21 to acclimate. Wondering if anyone else is going early as well.


  • You are smart to go in couple days early. The Lake Duluti Serena Hotel is a beautiful place to unwind. My travel partner and I took the July 3 trip and used our couple days to relax, go to the cultural art museum with a driver, and also take a private tour of Arusha National Park, with a private driver/guide, all set up upon arrival by the hotel staff.

    You will LOVE the safari, every aspect of ours was wonderful, and lots of surprises along the way. I thought it would be my one and only trip to Africa, but I have caught "the bug" as others have, wanting to go back again on another Tauck africa tour.

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    Thanks cb2labs. I'll be traveling single....which has never been an issue on any TAUCK tour for me. I want to be fresh and on Tanzanian time by the time my tour actually starts. Glad you enjoyed your trip. I'm beyond excited.
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