Length of time actual on the bus.

Anyone know the number of hours each day we will be on a bus?
Fri ? Hours
Sat ? Hours
Sun ? Hours
Thank you.


  • It doesn't look like you're going to get a specific answer to this. My suggestion is that you use Google maps for an estimate of the longer hauls and then add time in for sightseeing based on the itinerary. For example, on day 9, it's about 4 1/2 hours from the hotel in Monterrey to the hotel in Yosemite. I would figure 5 hours on the bus, allowing extra time for the bus to negotiate those mountain roads (not including the time spent at stops).

    Hope this helps.
  • Don't get concerned about length of time on the bus. The tour guide is talking and giving you information on your next stop. Also, the bus stops at least every two hours if not sooner. Sometimes you stop to see things or a bathroom break which usually lasts longer than on any other type of bus trip. I have taken three bus tours with Tauck and never felt like the bus ride was a problem. Remember you are also chatting with the friends you have made and you are in a different seat usually for morning and afternoon. Enjoy the trip. Forget about the bus ride.

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