Tanzania - Zanzibar Sept. 11, 2017 Trip

Jambo ! We are beyond excited with our first trip to Africa only 9 days from now. Traveling thru Amsterdam to Arusha a day early for a Sept 10 arrival. Anyone else out there on this trip ? Should we use early arrival day to relax and adjust to 7 hour time difference or has anyone found interesting activities at Lake Duluti Serena Hotel ?


  • Hello!! We are joining you on this trip and will also be arriving on Sept 10. We too are very excited as this is our first trip to Africa. After reading a review from British and some research on my own, we have decided to take the short guided walking tour around Lake Duluti. That costs $12.

    We did look at tours through Arusha NP, which look very interesting, but were concerned about lack of sleep from 18 hours of flying, (leaving from JFK through Amsterdam also), and the time zone change. Unless.... we arrive at the hotel late that evening and feel great, in which case I know the hotel will arrange for the Arusha NP tour through Wayo Tours. That tour has several extras, including canoeing or walking about. The basic tour is $200 for vehicle and guide and $53 PP for park entrance. Cash is recommended in case tech isn't working at park, or Visa card if it is. The tour leaves the hotel when you want in the am and returns late afternoon.

    Looking forward to meeting you!

    Jim and Margie
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    Jim & Margie
    Looking forward to meeting y'all (we are from Knoxville, TN). we will decide on any small lake walks upon arrival likely tired from two long flights. we are on flight 9349 out of Amsterdam.
    Greg & Sue
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