North Korea spring 2018

We are scheduled for the Essence of Japan in the spring of 2018 and are somewhat concerned with North Korea shooting rockets over the country. Has anyone adjusted their travel plans accordingly?


  • Marvin,
    Who can predict what North Korea will do nor what the US response will be? However, I can reassure you, from experience, that Tauck will never put their guests in danger, and if there are any concerns about safety, your trip will be cancelled. In 2013 we were two months away from a Tauck trip to Egypt, and the day our final payment was due, they cancelled our trip even though we were assured it was still a go the week before. They were very generous in compensating us and worked very hard to get us on another trip (Kenya and Tanzania Grand Safari) within the same time frame. We did take a bit of a bath on the airfare, but that was our issue, not Tauck's fault. If you will notice, their Egypt trip has not been reinstated, and it has been four years. So Tauck still does not feel it is safe enough for their guests even though other tour companies still travel there.
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