Post Tour Extension - Thailand

Interested in ideas for post tour extension in Thailand. Not sure when/if we will get back to this part of the world and would love to add on days to the Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand trip. We are beach people so I don't want to miss the beautiful beaches I hear so much about. Just starting my research...but would love to hear from others who may have added on to this tour.


  • You might want to check out Koh Samui if quiet beaches are your thing. When we took this trip, we flew Cathay with a plane change in Hong Kong. We spent 5 Days there on the return trip, and it was wonderful. The only draw back was the weather (February) as it was cold and frequently overcast.
  • We are in the March 9 trip. We are doing a pre-tour to Halong Bay 1.5 days on the Violet Junk and a post-tour to Phuket and staying at the The Shore at Katathani for three days
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    The Violet junk is a wonderful choice. We were on the Jasmine ( and loved it...2 nights, 3 Days) , but met someone who was a friend of the owner who raved about the Violet ( the Violet, Jasmine and Ginger all part of the Ginger Cruise Line). We though the Jasmine was great, but she thought the Violet (with only 5 cabins)was phenomenal! Congratulations on a great choice! My laugh about the entire experience was, with the decor of gauzy curtains and dark, polished wood, I expected to see Bogey and Bacall sitting at the bar! My husband felt it was a highlight of the trip! Now, if you get Larry as your TD ( not to diminish other TD’s, but we loved Larry), you will have the best experience ever!
  • We're leaving on January 9th for this trip. We've extended our trip to Singapore. Like you, we 'doubt' we'll ever be in that part of the world again, and didn't want to miss a city we've always been fascinated with. I'm told Puhket would have been a great R&R stop as well. Enjoy!
  • DavidE---Would appreciate your list of "must do" in Singapore. We will be doing the Indochina trip and take 2-3 days at the end in Singapore. Safe travels.
  • Thank you Joyce for your comments.
    I look forward in being lucky and have Larry as a TD
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