Buying a SIM Card in Frankfurt FRA International In-Transit Area?

Does anyone KNOW of a shop, such as a cell phone shop, within the international airside In-Transit area of FRA, where I could purchase a SIM card during a 2.5-hour layover between flights? My ultimate destination is not Germany, but with the new EU regulations prohibiting intra-EU roaming charges, any local prepaid SIM will work without roaming charges throughout the EU. Doesn’t matter whether it's a carrier-specific shop such as Vodafone, etc., or a general cell phone shop.

Don't want to sound boorish or ungrateful in advance, but I've spent literally days online browsing through myriad travel forums, and have seen literally hundreds of "maybe" and "you might try" and "well, in the Arrivals/Baggage area" types of responses. What I'm looking for right now is information specific to this particular international in-transit area from another forum member who KNOWS the answer.

Many thanks in advance!!

Joe Navarro
Orinda California

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