Yellow Fever Vaccine Exemption

Looking for recent experiences with anyone who had the exemption certificate for this tour. I cannot get the vaccine due to a health condition.

We just returned from the South African Elegant Adventure, where no vaccine was required, which is why we booked that itinerary first, plus to get an overall view of S. Africa. We want to return, and this itinerary has been suggested to be the best "next step" to seeing Africa.




  • Use the "search" function at the beginning of the menu and look at the lengthy discussions going around recently about the yellow fever vaccine (and its substitute). Past travelers have been very generous in sharing their stories.
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    Thank you, I already did. They all said no one had not gotten the exemption when stopped, or were contemplating not getting the vaccine, and then getting it, so no help there, which is why I asked the question.

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